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Santa Cruz (province in Argentina), flag

Santa Cruz (province in Argentina), flag

The design of this flag wants to reflect the outstanding things of our land, our geography, because to a great extent it is the landscape that surrounds us what defines us, which calls us to feel an important part, although not always remembered, of the Argentine Republic. Also, it tries to maintain a relation of similarity with the Provincial Shield and the National pavilion, to a lesser extent, thus appealing to a more affective recognition and integration between these symbols. The light blue represents the same sky under which Belgrano created our national flag, the sun is as much reflection of the sun in the National Flag as the divinity symbol that it was and is for the native races. In addition it is a rising sun, symbol of the dawn, the youth of this Province. It contains in an inner semicircle the night, the southern cross, and the Chaltén hill, these last ones emblems of the Aonikenk, old races that inhabited these southern lands. The sea that bathes the provincial coasts, from north to south, that runs and brings life across the east of the territory, is represented in the inferior part of the flag in blue and white. The union of these elements looks forward to emphasize the nexus between the past and the present, the history that we are still writing, the dimensions of our geography, the almost interminable limits of our sky, our sea, our land; the dawns and the dusks, because everything seems to be far, except nature itself, the immensity that surrounds us, and remain there, within reach, within the heart and the eyes of all those that are witnesses of these latitudes. /Law 2566 Annex I/

adopted ( 23.11.2000

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