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Utah, state seal

Utah, state seal

The Legislature of Utah by an act, approved April 3, 1896, provides for the State seal and specifies: "That 'The Great Seal of the State of Utah' shall be two and one-half inches in diameter, with the following device inscribed thereon: "In the center thereof a shield, with the American eagle with outstretched wings perched thereon; the top portion of said shield thereof pierced by six arrows; across the shield, below the arrows, the word 'Industry' appears, and beneath the word 'Industry' a beehive, on either side of which are growing sego lilies. Directly below the beehive are the figures '1847,' and on either side of said shield is our National flag. Encircling all, near the outer edge of said Seal, beginning at the lower left hand portion and ending at the lower right hand portion thereof, are the words, 'The Great Seal of the State of Utah,' at the base are the figures '1896.'"
American Eagle with wings outspread, grasping six arrows in its talons, symbolizes protection in peace and war. Bee Hive is the symbol of industry. Sego Lily is a symbol of peace. Draped American Flag is the symbol of our support to the nation. "1847" is the year the Mormon Pioneer entered the Salt Lake Valley. "1896" is the year Utah was admitted as the 45th state (January 4, 1896). /

adopted ( 1896

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