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Santa Cruz (province in Argentina), coat of arms

Santa Cruz (province in Argentina), coat of arms

The Honourable House of Representatives of the Province of Santa Cruz, arranged by Law Nº 97, with date 25 of September of 1959, the adoption of the Provincial Shield as symbol of the Province and seal of all its official documents. The description of it in the second article of the mentioned Law, is the following one:
"The shield of the Province of Santa Cruz consists of a oval field divided in two equal halves, one superior and another inferior. The superior half, of blue-celestial colour and the inferior one, white. In the superior quarter in an area that approximately includes the third part it, covering in all its length the dividing line of both halves; a mountainous range growing from right to left and culminating towards the left side with the Fitz Roy mountain. The mountains in light and dark beige with white touches on the snowed summit.
To the right of the same superior half, on celestial blue background, the constellation the Southern Cross, formed by four white stars of seven ends. The relative position of this cross, is with a greater arm upwards and to the right, in an approximated angle of thirty-five degrees horizontal. In the inferior half, a sun with allegorical face, twelve alternate straight rays and twelve flaming ones. Semi circulating the sun from beneath is a mauve coloured ribbon, with its ends finished of with two tips folded in double wave. In it, with capital golden letters, the inscription PROVINCE OF SANTA CRUZ." Trimming the oval of the shield, are two branches of laurel with nine leaves each one; both branches, that do not connect nor superpose in the superior part, are crossed in the inferior part being tied in a bow by a ribbon with the patriotic colours.

The official proclamation of the Provincial Shield took place in a solemn act witnessed by a public notary on the 9th of October 1959, which is denominated since then DAY OF THE PROVINCIAL SHIELD, establishing it in the Article 3º of the Law Nº 97. This symbol represents the Authority of the Province of Santa Cruz in the concert of its sister-provinces and their Autonomy within the federal system that consecrates the National Constitution. /

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