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Bolton (Metropolitan Borough in England), coat of arms

Bolton (Metropolitan Borough in England), coat of arms

This crest was designed in 1974. The eight towns are represented by the red roses on the shield, the arrow a pun for "Bolt" and the crown representing a 'tun' (settlement within a stockade), thus "Bolt-tun". Above the shield is a closed helm, with a wreath and mantling in red and gold. On the wreath stands an elephant upon a rocky moor within a 'tun', the red rose of Lancashire is seen on the trappings of the elephant. The left hand supporter is a black lion from the former Bolton arms, with a red and gold wreath around it's neck. The right hand supporter is a red lion from the original Farnworth coat of arms (which used to represent the Hulton family). There is a wreath of blue and gold, the original colours of the Farnworth arms. Each supporter holds a golden staff with green pennons with gold emblems. The left pennon shows a spindle and shuttle representing the textile industry, and the right pennon a hornet for the paper industry. The motto - Supera Moras - means "overcome delays". The Armorial Bearings were designed by N Ellis Tomlinson, M.A., F.H.S. in consultation with Michael Cresswell, LL.B. Bolton's Assistant Council Solicitor for 1974. They replace earlier, similar bearings first designed in 1890 by Major Ottley Perry. /Welcome to Bolton,

adopted ( 1974

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