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Burkina Faso, coat of arms

Burkina Faso, coat of arms

The arms of Burkina Faso are constituted as follows: one (1) shield bearing in chief, on a silver scroll the name of the country "BURKINA FASO"; in the middle an escutcheon with two (2) stripes in fasce bearing the national emblem and "broching" on two (2) crossed lances; two (2) reared-up silver stallions supporting the escutcheon on each side; in the bottom an open book; below, two (2) millet stalks with three pairs of green, half-mooned, leaves, equidistant from the vertical line going through the points of the escutcheon and the upper branch of the star of the emblem. Stalks are crossed and linked at the basis by a flame bearing the national motto "Unity - Progress - Justice". The flame supports the whole "millet stalks - lances - escutcheon".
The two stallions symbolize the nobility of the burkinabe people; their position means action and their disposition the necessity and importance of the union that makes the force of the people. The escutcheon symbolizes the protection of the nation and the love of the country; shield against the hazards, rampart again all aggressions, he ensures the security of the state. The lances symbolize the determination of the sons of Burkina Faso to protect their country; their crossed design means vigilancy and bravery of this nation. The open book symbolizes the quest for knowledge and education, factors of progress and development. Millet spikes symbolize the will of food independence and abundance.

adopted ( 01.08.1997

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