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Chubut (province in Argentina), flag

Chubut (province in Argentina), flag

In the center of the flag a wheel of gears will be observed: symbol of the industrial production. Behind the gear and on him a rising sun similar to that is shown in the Provincial Shield: "a great stylized, streamlined, symmetrical sun, whose rigid rays represent the fifteen (15) departments that integrate the Province and are announcement of a shining future". Underneath the rising sun, the identificatorios attributes of the Provincial Shield are represented: "the Dock Florentino Ameghino, in oblique perspective, builds of fundamental importance that symbolizes the concretion of the efforts to dominate the River and the conquest of modern engineering, next to the creative effort of the man for the development of the agriculture, represented by a great ear of wheat that leaves in perpendicular form". The yellow mean line: it represents the rivers of the Province, and in individual to the Chubut River, that crosses the territory from the West to the East and of who the Province takes its name. This line expresses "the two historical stages of the political organization: the National Territory and the Province ". The zigzag superior line: it alludes to the Mountain range of the Andes. The ondulante inferior line: it represents the Atlantic Ocean. The celestial color: it symbolizes the sky and the hermosura. The yellow: force, vitality and splendor; also the wheat the provincial agricultural production and the sun. The blue color: justice, loyalty and truth. The white color: purity and faith.

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