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Vancouver (British Columbia), coat of arms

Vancouver (British Columbia), coat of arms

(granted March 31, 1969 by the College of Heralds, London, England)

The City has a Coat of Arms, which is registered in the College of Heralds. It may not be infringed upon, duplicated or used by any other persons, without permission of the City of Vancouver.

This is the third Coat of Arms the City has used. The first one was used from 1886 to 1903 and depicted a sailing ship, a tree, wooden docks and a train with no supporters. The second coat of Arms was first authorized in 1903, and forms the basis of that which is in use today. The third Coat of Arms was granted on March 31, 1969, and presented to the Council on January 7, 1970.

There is a long history of attempts to agree upon and have registered a Coat of Arms. The problem was tackled in 1928, just prior to amalgamation, when attempts were made to register the second Coat of Arms. It was found to be unregistrable. A Special Committee sat intermittently over a four-year period in an endeavour to arrive at a mutually acceptable design. The Committee finally gave up in desperation.

In 1962, the City Clerk commenced an investigation of the matter and, with the generous support of the Mayors of the day and the Council, an achievement was finally agreed upon and registered by the College of Heralds.

During the course of these endeavours, four designs were prepared before the present one was drawn and agreed upon. Mayor Rathie visited the College of Heralds in 1966 and discussed the City's intentions and the City Clerk also visited the College of Heralds to discuss the final design. The City's application was handled by Mr. W.J.G. Verco, M.V.O., the Chester Herald of Arms, to whom we are indebted for his patience and ready willingness to help.

The City's new Coat of Arms differs only in detail from the previous one. The points of interest are: the Caduceous of Mercury has been replaced by a Totem Pole of Kwakiutl Design; the upper part of the shield (Chief) has been charged with two dogwoods; the Helm (Helmet) has been properly drawn; the Mantle has been added; the word "Air" has been added to the Motto. This design is in accordance with the wishes of Council that there be no major change.

The College of Heralds has, in addition, granted a "Badge". This is in the form of a Mural Crown enfiled with Crossed Oar and Axe. The Badge is worth a special note. It is a device which may be used to signify the ownership of property and could quite properly, with the addition of, say, "City of Vancouver", be used to identify vehicles, equipment and many other things which are in need of identification.

Description of the Armorial Bearings

On the Shield:
Eight wavy bars alternating with the blue over white. On the upper part of the Shield, which is coloured gold, there are two dogwood flowers in natural form with white petals, green leaves and orange centres. On the wedge-shaped section coloured green, a gold coloured Thunderbird Totem of Kwakuitl design.

For the Crest:
Rising out of the Mural crown, a stylized ring of masonry, which is coloured gold on the left and blue on the right, a ship's foreroyal mast (brown) with sail set in natural form (white) carrying a Pennon (green) flying to the left.

The Helmet:
The Helmet which faces to the left is an Esquire's Helmet and is coloured steel blue: It is mantled, blue with white on the underside.

The Supporters are:
On the left: A lumberman holding a felling axe (brown handle and steel blue head). His clothing colours are: Deep blue neckerchief, light blue shirt, brown pants and boots.
On the right: A Fisherman holding a salmon net with floats (brown).

The Motto:

The Motto is done in black letters on a beige background, with green on the underside. /

adopted ( 31.03.1969

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