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Merritt (British Columbia), coat of arms

Merritt (British Columbia), coat of arms

Arms: Vert a sun in splendour Or;

Crest: A circlet of maple leaves Gules and dogwood flowers proper;

Supporters: Dexter a coyote guardant, sinister a lynx, each Or and standing on a grassy mound Vert;



Arms: Green and gold are the city colours, representing the verdant Nicola Valley and sunlight. The sun is a dominant feature of the valley: a symbol of power, splendour and justice, and a reference to the sun in the arms of British Columbia. Green also represents growth and hope.

Crest: This combines the floral symbols of Canada and British Columbia, maple leaves and dogwood flowers.

Supporters: The coyote and lynx are local animals. In some native cultures, the coyote is portrayed as the creator of earth and humans. The lynx is traditionally emblematic of keen vision. The compartment represents the Nicola Valley and the nearby mountains.

Motto: The phrase FLOURISH UNDER THE SUN makes a reference to the Arms design.

adopted ( 15.02.2005

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