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Sainte-Foy (Quebec), coat of arms

Sainte-Foy (Quebec), coat of arms

Arms: Azure a marshal's baton in bend Bleu céleste semé of fleurs-de-lis and edged and tipped Or surmounted by a cross argent and crossed in saltire with two swords Argent hilts and pommels Or one in the first quarter the other in the fourth the second and third quarters each charged with three fleurs-de-lis Or and over all the Arms of Brûlart de Sillery namely Gules a bend Or charged with five kegs joined by a train Sable;

Crest: A mural crown Gules charged with a cross fleuretty Argent;



Arms: As the city of Sainte-Foy was built on the lands of the seigneury of Brulart de Sillery, his arms are placed in centre of the shield. The swords and the marshal’s baton commemorate the heroic exploits of François Gaston, duc de Levis, hero of the battle of Sainte-Foy, which gave its name to the city of Sainte-Foy. The fleurs-de-lis represent the French origins of its inhabitants.

Crest: The mural crown is a symbol of the city’s status. The cross ending in fleurs-de-lis recalls that Sainte-Foy was a Christian parish established by the Jesuits in 1638.

Motto: This Latin phrase means “My worthiness stems from my faith and labour”. It refers to the values of the ancestors and the present inhabitants of Sainte-Foy.

adopted ( 22.04.1996

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