How to Declutter Your Living Space

How to Declutter Your Living Space

It’s easy for most homeowners to purchase their home, live in it for a bit, then turn around and realize they have a ton of clutter built up that they have no idea what to do with. If you’re a homeowner who finds yourself with a cluttered home, you may be wondering what the best way to declutter your home is while still keeping your sanity intact. If you’re selling your home instead, then as the seller, you should be ready and willing to get rid of stuff so that your home will sell in a short sale quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’ve recently gotten a real estate agent and are looking for a potential buyer for your home or just looking to clean up the clutter, there are ways to take care of it efficiently and with little hassle involved. From renting a storage unit to going through your belongings with disposal in mind, read on below for a few tips on decluttering your living space to be revealed before you have to get ready for that open house your real estate agent is planning.

Declutter by category instead of by room.


As a homeowner, you’re always looking for how to get the most out of your house. By doing repairs right away, instead of putting them off until you have to do them, or remodeling when you feel the need, you can do a lot to get the most out of your home. If you’ve decided to become a seller and want to make a short sale of your home, then getting rid of the clutter is more important than ever‚Äîif you hope to attract potential buyers to the home, that is.

You’ll find that the process goes faster if you declutter by category instead of by room. For example, trying to declutter your entire kitchen, including the pantry, cabinets, and drawers, can easily become an overwhelming task. Instead, start by category in this order: clothing, books, junk drawers, mystery boxes, mementos, and then photos. Weed through each category, determining what you want to keep, what needs to be thrown away, what needs to be given to charity, and what can be put in the self-storage unit you’re going to want to rent to help you declutter.

In fact, one of the best pieces of advice for making a quick sale is to get rid of the clutter and put away any personal items in your home before your real estate agent schedules an open house or home inspection.

Don’t declutter for other people.


You need to go through your own items, clothing, and personal possessions when it comes to decluttering. Refrain from decluttering for others in your family because you truly don’t know what they want to get rid of and what they don’t. Even if your real estate agent is in a hurry for you to get your stuff to self-storage, it’s best if the people in your life reduce their own clutter in the home. Even if you’re the homeowner, you can’t declutter for other people. It just doesn’t work.

Rent a storage space.


Whether it’s to store boxes and bags in a storage unit or to move your RV, cars, or trucks to a storage unit so that you don’t have cars, trucks, RV’s or even motorcycles clogging the driveway and garage when your real estate agent brings by a potential buyer, if you live or are moving to the Marietta area, then Marietta vehicle storage is the perfect storage facility to keep your vehicles in.

These storage units are affordable, feature climate control, and have just the square feet you need to store anything from an RV to tractor-trailers and more. If you’re in Marietta and are looking for vehicle storage that features climate control and extra space storage, you’ll find the right size here.

If you’re looking for a short sale through your lender, the less you have in your home when potential buyers come by, the better. Take your extra appliances to a storage unit featuring extra space storage, and then look into your vehicle storage options for the rest. As the seller of your home, the last thing you want is a potential buyer coming and walking right back out because they think the home and property is too crowded with clutter, RV’s, books, and other belongings.

Whether you’re going through a foreclosure, looking for a potential buyer for your home because you want to move to Marietta, or just want to free up extra space in your home, you can do it by following the tips above, then letting your real estate agent know that you’re ready for that open house after all.