Does Your Relationship Need Rehabilitation?

Does Your Relationship Need Rehabilitation?

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely put relationships to the test. Quarantining together and being restricted to close quarters for work and home life can certainly be taxing, and it’s possible that the spark you and your partner had may be dimming just a bit. If you’ve been feeling something off, it may be time to take an assessment of your relationship to try and get your romance back on the right track. Here are some signs it might be time for a romantic gift or some quality time.

Fighting and Bickering


Does it seem like conversations no longer have love or warmth? Are most of your interactions ending in a feud or somebody storming off? A great way to hit the reset button is to reopen the lines of communications for better dialogue. Couples therapy could be a viable option to learn how to better diffuse arguments and speak to each other calmly and respectfully.

Of course, fights and bickering happen. They are a natural part of a relationship, but they shouldn’t be the only thing coming up in conversation. Discovering these effective ways of communicating can help take those talks to the next level, where a feud isn’t lingering over your head.

Sometimes, it may help to redirect the topic of conversation. With work and home life overlapping, talking about becoming a lawyer after 30 or pursuing a bachelor’s degree may be overtaking more important issues within the relationship. While pursuing a new degree or new skill can be worthwhile, it could be cutting into the quality time that builds a stronger relationship between romantic partners. Try to take your mind off of law school and the bar exam while you’re having dinner with your partner. Remember‚Äîthere’s a right place and a right time for conversations about the LSAT.

Feeling Distant


It is possible for people to feel like they are miles apart when they are even sharing the same room. One of the obstacles couples have had to deal with during the pandemic is having a new life together under one roof. If one or both partners have not shared a roof over their head with their love before, it can create some angst.

There may be an inflexibility or unwillingness to compromise on things like chores or activities. This can sometimes lead to selfishness rearing its head and seeming like a lack of concern for your partner’s emotional necessities.

While a lot of time is being spent together, figuring out how to make your house a home may motivate respect in the relationship and for the shared space. Changing up the decor of a room could make for an oasis that you two can use to escape, or homeowners may consider touches that can lead to greater relaxation. This could be a new mattress or furniture that provides some warmth and a welcoming feel. If you just moved into a new home together, a thoughtful gift can be the best way to get off to the right start.

With the pandemic still ongoing, homeowners may want to figure out how to make space functional in their new home, able to accommodate a workday, but find a way to turn over into the comforts of a bedroom or living room after punching out.

The Romance is Gone


It could be hard to be romantic and celebrate special occasions like you normally do, but there are easy ways to reignite that spark without having to splurge. You can reinforce love with romantic gifts for your girlfriend, with something as subtle as a little love note to even some personal, thoughtful gestures that can make the day go by a little easier like a personalized playlist.

You can opt for a romantic gift idea that’s relaxation, like a yoga class, or potentially a future weekend getaway to a spa to get away from the rush of work and home. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may want to consider jewelry or an over-the-top gift that your partner may not expect. If it’s too soon for the ring, don’t be afraid to get a unique gift that may involve some hobbies or could be just the right compliment to show that the love is still there and growing.