YOLO: Living Life to the Fullest in 2021

YOLO: Living Life to the Fullest in 2021

It seems to be a universal fact that 2020 was a ROUGH year. In the first place, it seemed like everywhere you turned, you were living through another “unprecedented time.” From a global pandemic and international quarantine to record numbers of natural disasters and forest fires, to widespread protests of racial injustice in the United States, there was a lot going on. It’s no wonder that a lot of people gave up on their resolutions and goals and counted 2020 as a wash. You were just trying to survive and get through the year, after all.

But now the calendar has flipped. It is officially 2021, and it’s time to start taking back the power. If last year showed you anything, it’s that “you only live once.” So as you take on this new year, with new energy and fresh resolve, it’s time to start living with that YOLO kind of attitude. 2020 may not have been your year, but 2021 absolutely can be! Here are a few ways you can live your fullest life in 2021. Make some new goals and reach them.

While 2020 may not have been the year for you to reach all your goals, maybe it’s time to reset and try again in 2021. Take the time to make some new resolutions and get ambitious about trying things for the first time this year. Whether you’re setting goals for your personal life, career path, relationships, or finances then start getting serious about achieving them. Make a plan and stick to it, so that you can take back that control and power in your own life. Start to travel again (safely).

It’s understandable if 2020 left you feeling a little stir-crazy. With so much travel in the United States is restricted, you’re probably itching to get out there and explore. As the world slowly, but surely, reopens, take advantage of opportunities to travel safely. Rent out a cabin where you can stay distant from people, go on a road trip, or quarantine, and then finally visit your family again. Environmental factors are always adjusting, so you should be able to get back to having a good time across the country soon.

Get back on the dating scene and have fun with your sex life.

Living a year in isolation probably wasn’t super helpful for your dating or sex life. 2021 is the year to get back out there. Go on a successful blind date with the guy at the bar who gave you his phone number. Try online dating for the first time. Or just see where your attraction takes you. First dates can be scary, but they can also jumpstart the next exciting chapter of your life.

Of course, if the date ends up going well, you may have something else to look forward to later that night. Have a good time on a Saturday night by upping your sex drive. Put on cute underwear or a great thong. Living your life to the fullest means letting go. So stop worrying so much about your profile or the best way to get intimate. Stop wondering if penis size is genetic and just enjoy the people you are around. This will lead to a much more enjoyable sexual experience.

Leave the fear of judgment in 2020.

Another thing to leave behind in 2020 is judgment. Everyone had a weird, crazy year, so stop comparing how you coped to everyone else’s journey. This year, live a fuller life by embracing what you want to do and not worrying about what anyone thinks about it.

Embrace gratitude this year.

One of the best ways to live life to the fullest is to actually appreciate what you have. This year, embrace gratitude and keep an open mind as much as you can. Be thankful for your friends, family, health, jobs, comfort, security, etc. After a year where a lot of those things were put at risk, never take them for granted again.