3 Ways to Maintain and Expand Your Hawaiian Restaurant

3 Ways to Maintain and Expand Your Hawaiian Restaurant

Running a successful business involves attracting patrons and retaining those customers. For restaurants, this means ensuring your menu appeals to clients, your prices are appropriate for your clientele, and you always provide exceptional service.

Many restaurants shut down after operating for less than one year, and those that stay open must constantly adjust to changes in the marketplace and meet consumer expectations. Using the tips outlined here ensures you maintain and expand your business, enabling your Hawaiian restaurant to thrive.

1. Invest in your equipment.


Restaurants rely on appliances and food prep tables. It would be impossible for your chefs to prepare dishes without stoves, ovens, utensils, pots, and prep space. Your kitchen staff also rely on refrigerators and freezers to safely preserve and store food.

Suppose your kitchen staff notices a lot of condensation building up inside your refrigerator or that the motor’s producing a lot of heat. These signs could indicate you need to invest in Arctic Air commercial refrigerator troubleshooting from an expert appliance repair technician. Appliance repair professionals have the skills and knowledge required to diagnose issues and determine whether it’s time to replace a failing appliance or whether repairs will restore your appliances to optimal condition. Cleaning or replacing condenser coils, installing a new condenser fan motor, or replacing your compressor or evaporator fan motor could keep your refrigerator working for years to come.

2. Expand your service platforms.


Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have food delivered or pick up take-out orders than ever before. Clients prefer ordering from restaurants directly, and many restaurant owners have responded to changing demands by enabling patrons to place pickup and delivery orders. With curbside pickup, patrons can enjoy items from your menu without assuming the risks of exposure from eating indoors.

Investing in restaurant online ordering software enables you to capitalize on this trend. A centralized dashboard enables you to track direct orders along with third-party orders from Grubhub, DoorDash, UberEats, ChowNow, and other delivery services. Software experts can have your online ordering platform up and running within days, enabling clients to utilize mobile ordering options. The monthly fee for the online ordering system’s based on service volume and needs.

You may opt to utilize servers to perform deliveries, enabling patrons who wish to order from the restaurant website and deal directly with your business to enjoy your menu options, even if they can’t come to your location and use a curbside pickup. Adding these services may involve updating your restaurant’s website and promoting your new services through your social media platforms, ensuring consumers know what types of services you offer.

3. Redesign your restaurant.

Interior designers use colors, textures, and design features to transform spaces. Hire an interior designer to transform your restaurant. After a while, restaurant decor can feel stale for patrons. Investing in a new look is a great way to capture their interest and entice them back to your venue, particularly after a lockdown.

Interior designers know how to make the most of indoor spaces. They can look for ways to conserve space, enabling you to expand the distance between tables, enabling your clients to maintain safe social distances from other patrons.

Renovating your establishment ensures you have an opportunity to add features that reduce the risk of exposure to viruses. For example, installing faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers with sensors ensures patrons don’t need to touch knobs or pumps while washing their hands. Attach foot openers to doors to eliminate the need to touch door handles when exiting bathrooms. Installing external doors with sensors also reduces physical contact. New and returning patrons will appreciate your efforts to protect their health while offering the same quality food items and service you’re known for.

Maintaining and expanding your Hawaiian restaurant ensures you’ll serve delicious meals to loyal patrons for years to come. Maintaining your equipment, expanding your service platforms, and updating your restaurant’s design are ways to maintain and expand your restaurant effectively.